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Dr. Shirin Ebadi

Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2003, Iranian Lawyer & Human Rights Activist

Shirin Ebadi was the first Iranian and first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Her influence extends far beyond the borders of her country, inspiring hope that Islam, democracy and all human rights can co-exist despite the challenges faced in these turbulent times. Defying government obstacles, she also created and is the leader of one of the first independent, non-governmental human rights organizations in Iran: The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child.

"Shirin Ebadi received the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo for her democracy-building efforts and her work to improve human rights in Iran"

Dr. Shirin Ebadi

In detail

As a woman in Iran, Shirin Ebadi''s life has paralleled the dramatic changes within her country, and her call for dissent and support for human rights has rung clear during the political and religious upheaval in the Middle East. Making history as the first woman judge in Iran, Ebadi was stripped of her basic rights by the religious revolutionaries, whom she once supported, who declared women unfit to serve as judges. She fought her way back as a human rights lawyer, defending women and children in controversial, politically charged cases. She has been arrested and been the target of assassination, but through it all, has spoken out with quiet bravery on behalf of victims of injustice and discrimination.

What she offers you

Shirin Ebadi is a formidible and courageous speaker, who received the Legion d''honneur degree from French president Jacques Chirac in 2006. Having received more than 20 honorary doctorate degrees from different countries in USA, Canada, Turkey and Australia, she provides her respected unique perspective on issues including philosophy, religion & spirituality, ethics, religion, society, motivation and inspiration, development policy and law.

How she presents

Independent, outspoken, and incredibly intelligent, Shirin Ebadi is a towering figure with a commanding voice that will not be silenced. She courageously champions democracy and basic human rights for women, children and all individuals.


She presents in English.

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  • Iran Awakening: A Story of Revolution and Hope
  • The Role of Women in World Peace
  • True Islam: Human Rights & the Role of Faith
  • Children's Rights
  • The Rights of Refugees
  • The Position of Women in Iran


  • 2005
    Iran awakening - her memoir, translated in to 21 languages
  • 2002
    The Rights of Women
  • 1997
    Children's Comparative Law
  • 1995
    Tradition and Modernity
  • 1993
    History and Documentation of Human Rights in Iran
  • 1993
    The Rights of Refugees
  • 1991
    Architectural Laws

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