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Sir Julian Priestley

Former Secretary General of the European Parliament

Sir Julian Priestley is an expert on EU affairs and the politics of the member states of the Union. In 2009 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of EPPA (European Public Policy Advisers), a Brussels based public affairs consultancy. In his position as the Secretary General of the European Parliament for 10 years he won acclaim for shaping European policies throughout most challenging times.

"A proven political visionary"

Sir Julian Priestley

In detail

Sir Julian Priestley''s career includes being Director for EU Budgetary Affairs and Internal Market legislation, 1986-1989, Secretary-General, Socialist Group of the European Parliament, 1989-1994. Between 1994 -1997 he was the Head of Office of the President of the European Parliament, and was appointed Secretary-General of the European Parliament in 1997. He was knighted in the Queen''s Birthday honours list, 2007, and was recently asked to participate in the second Irish referendum campaign on the Lisbon Treaty.

What he offers you

Sir Julian Priestley draws on his considerable experience from his extensive political career and is now a highly respected voice on all issues concerning EU affairs.

How he presents

Sir Julian Priestley is an extremely articulate speaker, ideally placed to offer crucial advice on the European political climate. He speaks with passion, competence and humour.


He presents in English and is fluent in French.

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  • The Future of Europe
  • European Accession
  • The Economic Outlook for an Expanding Europe
  • Extended Europe
  • Cultural Diversities
  • Priorities and Opportunities for Europe in the Global Market Place


  • 2012
    Europe's Parliament: People, Places, Politics
  • 2008
    Six Battles Which Shaped Europe's Parliament


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